mini BIEN

There are many things we miss about travel. That feeling of hopping on a plane, arriving somewhere we’ve never been before, of exploring new places. But what we miss the most is connecting with others. My daughter creates drawing for mini BIEN first collection. Her illustrations feel like a love letter to Amsterdam. Our beautiful city, our beautiful home.
The illustration inspired by my daughter enthusiasm of SpaceX going to launch it’s first manned Crew Dragon mission.
Fairy tales are magical just like all the little ones that get to wear this mini BIEN mask! My daughter took inspiration right out of all the fairy tale books she read during quarantine.
As kids, every day seems like a new adventure. Finding ways to still explore while we are all at home or with family is so important during these times. Reading, drawing some mini BIEN collection, and sharing stories about the Dinosaurs world between my daughter and my son are a few ways to explore together.